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Frequently Asked Questions

 01   Do you charge a flat fee for cleaning?

A:  All cleanings are estimated on an individual basis. As we customize your cleaning to your specific needs there are no 2 cleanings exactly alike.

 02  What do you do if I am not pleased with my cleaning?

A: You let us know immediately after the service is completed that you are not pleased with the level of service and we will fix it immediately

 03  What kind of cleaners do you use?

A:  We use hospital grade disinfectants and sanitizer which, are CDC approved to clean your space.​

 04  Are you insured?

A. Yes​


 05   Do you hire directly or use subcontractors?

A: All our staff are W2 employees, with clean criminal backgrounds. We are fully insured also.

 06   Why should I use Electrostatic spray technology in my office?

 A: This type of disinfection aggressively adheres to surfaces and objects, completely sanitizing them, which will help keep your staff and customers healthier.

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